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Frequently Asked Questions


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In which cities does capthost work?

CaptHost works at an international level for its Virtual and Basic Management Plans. The Full Management Plan is available for all properties in the area and will soon also be available for properties in Oporto and also the Algarve.

What do I need to get my property online?

All you need to do is access our registration page and insert some information about your property such as location, main features, pictures and contractual details.

I live in a different country from the property I intend to rent. What now?

For properties that are part of our Full Management Plan this will not be a problem. You can be 1 or 10,000 km away from your property and CaptHost will assure maximum rentability and at the same time guarantee the preservation of your property.

I want to have guaranteed income...

CaptHost does not work according to this business model. The commission plan is more favorable for the owner and also for CaptHost, as this creates a guaranteed comittment for a successful partnership! Both the owner and CaptHost will always receive the fair and reasonable amount that the property can generate. The commission plan also demands constant dedication from our end in order to ensure that all incomes tend to increase and that the service provided is never affected.

Check-In and Cleaning

Does Capthost perform check-in?

Yes. However, CaptHost only provides this service in the geographical areas in which it works (Lisbon Area and soon Oporto and the Algarve).

May I do the check-in myself?

For the Full Management Plan this service is already included and is assured exclusively by CaptHost. For the Virtual and Basic Management Plans the check-in is the owner’s responsibility. However, these owners have the possibility of requesting this service from CaptHost. All they need to do is get in touch with our support team.

How does check-out work?

CaptHost offers this service to all owners that are part of our Full Management Plan as a way of guaranteeing that the property is at its best following any guest stay.

Can I do the cleaning of my own property?

The Full Management plan has this service included and it is performed by professionals. CaptHost is responsible for coordinating the operations and also ensuring the cleaning standards are of the highest standards. With the Virtual and Basic plans, the owner is responsible for the cleaning.

Do these services have any extra cost?

Check In/Out and Cleaning are included in the Full Management Plan. For the Virtual and Basic plans these services will be responsibility of the owner.


Is a tourism license necessary to work with Capthost?

Absolutely, CaptHost always works with absolute transparency. However, if your property does not have a Tourism License we have this service available for you (extra fee applies). We can help you with all legal requirements and its existing bureaucracy and always advise you the best way to keep everything legal.

What is the best legal framework for me?

We have the right people to help you. No matter what your nationality is or where you reside, we will perform a personalized fiscal study free of charge so that we can guarantee you the best legal framework for your activity.

Is there any kind of insurance for my property?

All properties bought in Portugal are obliged to have multi-risk insurance. However, CaptHost offers all guests a Civil Responsibility Insurance. Please get in touch for further info.

What happens if a guest damages my property during their stay?

We suggest that all properties are protected by a security deposit so that any damage done by guests to the apartments can be previously assured. These kinds of situations are managed by CaptHost if the property is within the Full Management Plan. CaptHost also has several security procedures that are previously contracted with guests so that these kinds of situations are kept to a minimum.


What happens if a guest cancels a booking?

To protect our owners we have created three different cancellation policies: Flexible, Moderate and Strict.

There is an overbookings situation and I am responsible for it...

All overbooking situations made by an owner are the sole responsibility of the owner.

I have had an overbooking in Capthost... What now?

There are very few overbooking situations with the CaptHost system, but since even the “best machine” can sometimes fail, all overbooking situations made by CaptHost will be promptly resolved by our team with no losses for the owner.

If there is a booking request, who replies to the guest?

CaptHost is responsible for dealing with all booking requests as well as any questions that guests might have. We have a team of experts ready to efficiently and quickly reply to all our guests. One of our primary goals will always be to provide the same level of service to all our guests on all the platforms that we use by replying to them on those same platforms, as this is obviously a key factor to increase the conversion rate of guests.

Can I reject a guest in my property?

It is considered the owner’s duty to honor all bookings confirmed by CaptHost. However, the owner may refuse a guest if one of the folllowing situations occurs during check-in:
– Strange and/or Reckless behaviour;
– Excessive influence of alcoholic beverages;
– Evidence of being under the influence of drugs or psychotic substances;
– Failure to present official identification for each and every guest staying in the property.

Extra Services

What if I do not want to deal with invoicing?

No problem, we will do the invoicing for you. This is one of the extra services you have with CaptHost. You do not need to worry about the dozens of monthly invoices that you are subject to. CaptHost will deal with it for you, by having all invoicing available live on the platform so you can consult it anytime you want it. This service is subject to an extra cost. Please get in touch for further info.

How can I have my property within legal standards?

We will not hide the fact that there is a lot of bureaucracy, however, we have the right people to help you. If you do not have the availability to deal with the legal matters of your property, leave that to CaptHost. This service is subject to an extra cost. Please get in touch for further info.

Can Capthost take photographs of my property?

Yes, CaptHost has a team of specialized professionals in interior photography. The cost of this service will vary from city to city and also according to the size of the apartment.

Does Capthost get in touch with SEF?

It is a legal obligation to communicate to SEF all personal data of all guests. You can do so manually or let CaptHost assume that responsibility. This service has no extra cost.

Does Capthost charge tourist tax to the guest?

CaptHost will charge this tax to all guests staying in properties that are part of our Full Management Plan. Up until now, tourism tax is only mandatory for properties located in Lisbon.

Can Capthost perform a market study of my property?

As soon as you upload your property onto our platform, we will do a preevaluation of it. If the property has all the minimum requirments, a market study will be done for your property with no extra cost added.


What are the payment methods used for the owners?

The most common payment used is bank transfer. If you prefer to use a different payment method please get in touch with our support team so we can help you.

How often are payments made?

Payments are usually made by the 8th day of each month and they always correspond to bookings from the previous month. However, if the transfer occurs between two different banks payment may occasionally be received after the 8th.

What payment methods does Capthost provide for its guests?

CaptHost works with a payment gateway that allows payments with a Credit Card, PayPal or Bank Transfer. Payment verification is top priority for CaptHost. In addition to the fact that it is mandatory for booking confirmation, this also reassures the owner in case there are any damages to the property.


Which channels does Capthost use?

«More Exposure means More Bookings». It is with this thought in mind that we approach this question. We work directly with dozens of channels and we are constantly increasing our connections. The most important channels with which we are integrated are Airbnb, Booking.com, HomeAway, TripAdvisor, 9Flats, HouseTrip, etc…

How do channel commissions work?

Commissions vary from channel to channel. However, owners that work with CaptHost need not worry about this as all channel commissions are already included in our management plans.

Does Capthost mark-up its prices on the different channels?

We most certainly do not! The commissions and prices agreed with the owners will be the ones that are «online». We believe that transparency with the owners as well as with rate parity is necessary for an excellent annual profitability.

Can I have my property in a single channel?

Normally we place a property in all channels that we can and work with. However, if the owner wants to work with a single channel he is more than entitled to do so.

My property had a negative review in a certain channel. What now?

As we are transparent , it is normal to have a less positive review here and there, even though this is quite rare. In order to constantly improve the service that we offer we never leave a review unanswered. Even so, in all channels that we work with we have above average ratings and that is proof of our dedication and commitment towards our owners and guests.

Online Platform

What can I do on the platform?

There are several features present on the CaptHost platform. Below are some of the main key features available:
– Upload your property
– Live Booking Management
– Blockouts
– Cost and Revenue Control
– Legal Document Management
– Automatic Invoicing
– Live Support Area
– Among others…

Can I suggest new features for the platform?

Our platform is under constant development, therefore, all suggestions are more than welcome.

I need help to familiarize myself with the platform...

We advise all platform users to read all available support documentation and also to watch all video tutorials before using the system.

I can't use the platform properly. What now?

We ask all owners that as soon as you encounter any issues or bugs while using the platform, to immediately get in touch with our support team.

Is there any extra cost to have access to this platform?

No. The platform usage is authorized to all owners that work with CaptHost.

Can not find what you are looking for?

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