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Created and based in Lisbon, Portugal on January 2015, CaptHost supplies management tools and services for owners that want to optimize the performance of their properties in the short term rental market.

The CaptHost brand is born from RentExperience, Lda, which provided management services to owners as well as guest bookings until today. By detaching itself from RentExperience, Lda., CaptHost now deals exclusively with owners interests leaving the guest acquisition part to the RentExperience brand.

With more than 100 properties within our portfolio, CaptHost has received excellent feedback from our owners and at the same time demonstrating constant growth with regards to the property portfolio.

Algumas Propriedades em Portefólio

Downtown Vintage Deluxe Apartment - Bed Room

Downtown Vintage Deluxe Apartment

Santa Catarina Swimming Pool Apartment - Living Room

Santa Catarina Swimming Pool Apartment

Baixa Deluxe IV Apartment - Living Room

Baixa Deluxe IV Apartment